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CVEP was created to help students caught in distressing exit exam situations.

Many seniors pass all their high school courses... and yet... they are denied a high school diploma! Many states require that public school students pass an EXIT EXAM or an End of Course Exam in addition to successfully completing all their courses.

These extra tests - not required of private school students - discriminates against public school students who have earned all the credits necessary for graduation. They earned passing grades, they served their attendance requirements... They did everything required but, they did not pass those high-stakes exit exam or End of Course Exams.

We at The Oaks Private School believe that the daily work completed in a classroom, evaluated and graded by a teacher, is a truer picture of what each student has learned than an EXIT EXAM or EOC. If a student passes the course exams and the teacher awards a passing grade and credit for coursework - that should be enough!

Most states do not require any private school to administer an exit exam to their students. It is completely legal for private schools to award diplomas without the requirement that a student pass extra exams .

The Oaks Private School is assisting people who have been denied their diplomas because of an exit exam by developing CVEP - the credit verification and evaluation program.

Under CVEP - if a student did the work - the student gets the diploma! It's just that simple.

The Oaks Private School is an accredited private school registered and recognized by the Florida Department of Education. Our school number is 5122.

Feel free to call TOPS to discuss your particular situation and educational goals. 1-386-938-1352.

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How Can I Get My Diploma If I Failed My High School Exit Exam?

If you earned all the required credits, you will be awarded your DIPLOMA upon completion of a single refresher course - - study at your own pace.

Don't settle for a GED or a Certificate of Completion. Your DIPLOMA from TOPS will be an official, legitimate, high school DIPLOMA. If you earned the credits and complete the refresher course… You get the DIPLOMA!

Enroll now in The Oaks Private School, transfer your credits and we'll do the rest. You will receive your DIPLOMA upon completion of the refresher course.

Call The Oaks Private School at 1-386-938-1352 and ask for the CVEP department.

If you failed one of these tests...CVEP can help.

Alabama Alabama High School Graduation Exam AHSGE
Alaska Alaska High School Graduation Qualifying Exam HSGQE
Arizona Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards AIMS
California California High School Exit Examination CAHSEE CHSPE
Florida Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test FCAT
Georgia Georgia High School Graduation Test GHSGT
Idaho Idaho Standards Achievement Test ISAT
Indiana Graduation Qualifying Exam GQE
Louisiana Graduation Exit Examination GEE
Maryland Maryland High School Assessments HSA
Massachusetts Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System MCAS
Minnesota MCA II BCT
Mississippi Subject Area Testing Mississippi Program SATP
Nevada High School Proficiency Exams HSPE
New Jersey High School Proficiency Assessment HSPA GEPA
New Mexico New Mexico Standards-Based Assessment MNHSCE
New York Regents Examination RE
North Carolina NC Competency Test and Tests of Computer Skills NCCT
Ohio Ohio Graduation Test OGT
South Carolina High School Assessment Program HSAP
Tennessee Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program, Gateway TCAP, Gateway
Texas Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills TAKS
Utah Utah Basic Skills Competency Test UBSCT
Virginia Standards of Learning SOL
Washington Washington Assessment of Student Learning WASL

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